Course Details

Program Overview

Sigmoidstar Deep Learning Certification Program is a 4-month in-depth program which starts with very basic concepts and subsequently goes on discussing and implementing  state of the art techniques and recent papers. This program is suitable for fresh graduates and experienced professional looking to build their career in data science. This outcome driven program will help the candidate transition to roles such as deep Learning expert, machine learning engineer, computer vision expert and data scientist. The program provides in-depth training on relevant data science techniques, tools and technologies and practical hands-on applications through industry case studies. The candidate will leverage from in-depth experience and expertise brought by SigmoidStar faculty in their respective domains. Sigmoidstar faculty members and mentors have been ranked amongst India’s top Data Science experts, have sound theoretical fundamentals in Artificial Intelligence and vast experience and have developed strong AI products in multiple industry verticals including BioTech, Oil & Gas, E-commerce, Media, CyberSecurity, Advertising and others.

Program Structure

The 4-month program uses a combination of learning techniques that include online teaching with mentor(s), hands-on exercises, and sessions with industry practitioners. The schedule is flexible and any queries can be sent to

Lectures + Hands-on Sessions

The program will include lectures that could be delivered in online mode on deep learning from expert faculty and also practical hands-on sessions on topics in data science. The program duration is 16 weeks including 4 weeks of industry relevant projects. The program covers the tools and skills sought by most organisations involved in Deep Learning projects. During the program, candidates are trained on Python, Tensor-flow, Keras, Deep learning and Machine Learning Algorithms.

4-week Industry Relevant Project Work

Candidates would work on an application-oriented industry projects where they are mentored and evaluated by SigmoidStar faculty and industry experts. This will give them the competitive edge in the market and make a strong foundation for their career in Artificial Intelligence.

Lab Sessions

Regular in-class lab sessions will help candidates apply data science concepts to real-life industry related scenarios under the guidance of a faculty and industry expert. This will boost their confidence to face challenging problems in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning applications in the Industry.

Course Curriculum Overview

Our corporate partners are deeply involved in curriculum design ensuring that it aligns with Industry 4.0 paradigm for data science professionals. The curriculum will include the following topics:
• Intro To Neural Network and Deep Learning
• NN Basics, Shallow NN, Gradient Descent Algorithm
• Computation graphs ,Back-propagation intuition, Activation Functions
• Practical aspect of Deep Learning
• Loss Functions and Optimisation Algorithm
• Hyperparameter Tuning
• Convolutional Neural Networks
• CNN Case Study: Transfer Learning, AlexNet, VGGNet, GoogLeNet, ResNet
• Recurrent Neural Network: RNN, LSTM, GRU, Language Modeling, Image Captioning, Attention models.
• Industry Projects and Use-cases

Key Take-aways For Students

• Successfully perform all steps in a Data Science Project which has relevance to student’s current work context or area of interest
• Good and in-depth understanding of Neural networks and their types.
• Ability to solve many computer vision and NLP related problems.
• Ability to architect different neural network architectures based on use cases.
• Intuitively explain and understand key concepts and algorithms such as back propagation, Adam, etc.
• Understand and explain evaluation measures of trained neural network models for tasks such as classification, regression etc.
• Hands-on experience with Python, Tensor-flow, Keras.

Key Placement Assistance

The corporate network of SigmoidStar, would help the candidates in placement on data analysis, data engineering and data science jobs in India and abroad.

Eligibility Requirements

• Must be a graduate in Engineering/Maths/OR/Stats/Computers/Economics/Any other relevant branch with 60% or above in Xth, XIIth and Bachelor's degree
• The program is open for candidates in their third and fourth years and also graduates with experience
• Basic (beginner level) programming skills in any language (Java/C/C++/JS/Mat lab/Python/R/..)
• Basic (beginner level) Maths and Probability/Statistics
• Interest and Commitment towards Data Science
• Interests in exploring data through Visualization (different formats)
• Deep Learning Certificate is ideal for candidates with a graduation in a quantitative discipline like engineering, mathematics, commerce, sciences, statistics, economics, etc.

Fee Details

• Fee for Instructor Led Online Training: INR 50000 (USD 700) + GST
• Fee for Self paced online course: INR 25000 (USD 350) + GST
• Financial assistance and/or EMI available via partners. Please contact the admissions office.
• Exceptional students given preference for financial assistance.

Admissions Contact