Refund Policy

We try to ensure that you have a best experience while you discover, assess, purchase and experience our courses. In cases where you intend to withdraw from the courses, you agree that the following withdrawal and refund rules will apply. Always check the stated refund policy as set out hereunder to make sure that they can still get a refund for that course.
You accept that once a request to cancel your course has been received, your access to any online materials and license to use the course content held on the website will be revoked and access to Web Instructor Led training will be cancelled. In case of classroom courses the access to classrooms and attendance will be restricted.

For Classroom & Web Instructor Led Training Courses

  • Considering the fact that we design every program according to the need of the user and the industry we get involved in pre-program preparation, if you wish to withdraw enrolment for a Classroom course and/or Web Instructor Led training course, after the session started there is no refund.  You may choose to withdraw your enrolment from a Classroom course and/or Web Instructor Led training course and communication send to us by e-mail to 
  • In Case you have enrolled for the course, Seven (7) or more days before the first scheduled training session of your program, we will refund the program fees paid, after retaining the balance 10% of the program fees towards administration and processing charges.
  • No program fee refunds requests will be entertained or fee refunds given if your cancellation is informed to us less than seven (7) days of the first scheduled session of the Classroom course and/or Web Instructor Led training course of the program to which you are enrolled.

For Online mode (Self-paced Learning) Courses

  • If you choose to withdraw your enrolment from an Online mode course and communicate us by e-mail to within seven (7) days of enrolment into the course, we will refund 80% of the Program Fees paid by you, after retaining the balance 20% of program fees towards administrative and processing charges.
  • No program fee refunds will be made, to you if you do not meet the conditions outlined above it may be noted that we treat violations of our Terms very seriously, even if the requests are made within the designated refund policy period.
  • In some situations involving unforeseen and extenuating circumstances (i.e, medical emergency) you may request to defer you participation in the classroom sessions, to the next Batch offering of the same course / Service (“Deferral”). Deferral may be granted at sole discretion of the service provider, here Sigmoidstar, depending upon the availability of the courses and batches.

Refunds due to Technical Issue on Website:

Refunds will not be granted due to technical issues faced by you at the time of enrolment to Programs listed on our website, unless you allow us to adequately try and assist you after you providing all detailed description of the Technical Issue that you faced on the website. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we will issue a full refund of the Program Fees paid for that failed instance due to Technical Issue. Please contact us to solve the issue, before requesting a refund for a technical issue. Final decision on whether the issue is due to Technical Issue or not, solely lies with us, and you expressly waive all your rights or rejections against the same. A “Technical Issue” with the enrolment process means where your enrolment to the Program failed after the payment of Program Fees has been charged to your bank account or credit card account.

To meet the condition for claiming a Technical Issue, you have to meet the following criteria:
  • you should have made a purchase for enrolment to a course on the website;
  • you must bring the Technical Issue to our attention in writing by sending an email to , as soon as the issue is detected and providing all detailed description and circumstances of the Technical Issue. The claim must be made at the latest 24 hrs after the time and date of the Technical Issue has occurred on the website and our response for additional information or cooperation on the Technical Issue. You must not have directly or indirectly caused the Technical Issue (through your own action, omission or negligence). That you have not failed to receive our welcome Program enrolment e-mail due to use of filter or email-blocking technology that prevents the correct delivery of email to your registered email, intimating your enrolment to the Program, that you have opted.
  • Refund in Case of Modification or discontinuation of services:

    In case of discontinuation of any course you have enrolled for or any on-going course, due to any unforeseen situation refund will be made as per the discretion of the service provider.
    You agree that the modification in the courses will be completely be at the discretion of the service provider, here Sigmoidstar, as our content providers are industry experts and they will suggest modification as per industry demand. Sigmoidstar will not be liable to refund any fee paid against such modification in the courses.